"Hurricane" is about finding a way out of depression. We all go through tough times when we aren't sure we are going to find the light at the end of the tunnel. The song, “Hurricane” is about a storm brewing out of control until finally one day the madness stops. We wake up and although there may be only wreckage surrounding us, there is still beauty. There was beauty in the storm because it made you who you are as a person and there is beauty after the storm. Even though all that may be left is wreckage. This theme is brought back throughout the entire album. Michael is ready to share that adventure with you and although you might be angry, sad, and not sure what to do, you just have to pick up the pieces and start building.
At the age of seven, Michael Dasso's parents brought home a baby grand piano. It was exciting at first, but Michael soon found that he hated it. "I remember actually crying sitting at the piano when I was forced to practice. In fact, I didn't even care for music until one night I heard the song 'Remember when it Rained' by Josh Groban. Since that night, something changed. I finally connected emotionally with music and that was something I was looking for.” Michael knew that the emotion he felt with Groban's song was something that he wanted to convey with his own music, but he struggled for years finding his voice both musically and lyrically. “I was hard on myself. Each song had to be perfect. There’s a lot of half finished songs on my hard drive that didn’t make it because I didn’t feel they were good enough.” It wasn't until college that Michael started writing songs that appear on "Hurricane".
All the songs on "Hurricane" are essentially open pages of what could be a diary. Instead of blogging, using a diary, or even sometimes talking about what he was feeling, it just felt better finding the words and music that resonated with his emotions. "Each song took months of struggling to convey what I was feeling, but once it was on paper and the song was finished, it suddenly felt right and okay to let it go." Michael wrote the majority of the songs while attending school at Western Washington University; a majority of them about ex-lovers and unrequited love. "For some reason, it's just easier to write about the sad stuff. People keep telling me to write happy. It's not that easy. I can't just write happy. I want to feel connected to the song. It’s easier to connect to the sad stuff." While many of the songs have an overlaying theme of sadness, many of them do have a silver lining at the end. Things do get better, even if you can't see it now.
When Michael finally finished writing, it was time to move onto recording. After realizing that the album soundscape he was going after would take a lot of studio time and money, Michael decided to take that money and purchase the equipment to do it at home. "In the end, I'm glad I just bought equipment and did it myself. At times it was frustrating, but with all the experimenting I ended up doing with sounds (like wine glasses), it just made sense to do it at home." In the late night hours in his parent's house, Michael recorded, mixed, and often had sleepless nights trying to create the sound in his head. “Luckily, after running into Nathan Kintz on the streets of Portland after work, he agreed to help me. It was actually quite funny since we were both interested in planning a trip to New Zealand and he wanted to start a new music project. It was fate. Shortly afterward, we starting planning that trip and recording together. Initially, Nathan's was just supposed to add some guitar sounds and maybe help me out with some drums, but he  fit so naturally into the sound that we both agreed that he should help me produce the album. I'm thankful for that. He has a good pair of ears that I can rely on. I think I'd still be stressing over the recordings without his help."
With luck, they finished the recordings before the big trip. "We were quite lucky. We literally finished recording and off we went to New Zealand. When the trip finally ended we got back to it and spent months mixing the album and then suddenly one night we were both looked at each other and realized it was finished.” Months later, the album art was finished up, the CD was being manufactured and a release date was set. “It's something that I hope that even if nobody likes the music, they can at least appreciate the message."
Hurricane will be released January 15, 2016 and will be streamable on all major platforms.
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