Album Artwork Mayhem

Confession time. I've been done recording for a while now. Months in fact. Sent it to the Mastering engineer, edited his work, sent it back and now I have a finished project. 

Well...mostly finished. I've hit a roadblock when it has come to the album artwork. Who know this could be so hard? I want the artwork to reflect the passion of the music that I created, I don't want to have it be an after thought. It took so much of me to make the album I can't skimp on this part. I am open to ideas if you have any! :)

Sometimes its a matter of getting the right picture. I have plenty of mock up album covers, but none of them quite fit the album.

On the other side, the everything but the artwork seems to be done! So once that is finished, this thing will have a release date! Don't forget to add yourself to the newsletter to find out about presales of the album, sneak peaks, videos, etc! It will come soon-- i promise!


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