Two weeks Album Update

It's Monday!
Hope everyone's weekend was filled with "fun in the sun" or at least fun. If not, don't sweat, you and I were in the same boat as I spent most of the weekend chained in my studio mixing music. As a result, I set myself up for a very sleepy week at work. Oh well... nothing coffee won't fix!

So, here's the deal:

I am about 95% done recording. At the moment i'm stuck there for a few weeks... I'm waiting for my friend to record some cello on a song. So recording is temporarily in limbo. At least it's close!

Overall, recording and mixing combined, the album became officially 3/4ths complete this weekend. I have a spreadsheet in which i keep track of everything that needs to get done and tracks progress. For the past 3 months i've been watching a little graph slowly get closer to 100%.. some days it feel like it will never happen, others move quickly.

So what comes after all that? Well, to be honest... a ton of stuff...

Copyrighting in the U.S. Patent office usually takes about 3 or 4 months, which may feel like a long time, but it gives me the time that i need to throw everything else together. Also, assuming i finish the music in time, i'll send this off real quick right before i vacation for 2 months.

-Album art.
I have a few pictures already, but i'm currently in the process of getting a few more taken in various places. Who knows what will come of it. At the moment, I'm just having fun with it. Plus it doesn't end at pictures. After that starts the endless task of adding my name, trying different fonts, etc. Also, if you didn't realize, there are multiple parts of CD art: cover, back, cd tray, booklet, etc..

Luckily this process is less involved. At least temporarily I'll have a break from my songs and then they will be handed back to me to be looked at critically, played back on every stereo in my house and quite possibly other people's houses and then handed back to the mastering engineer to do his thing and make tweeks to make everything pristine.

In between losing my mind mixing and recording, I've started picking up the side project of making lyric videos for a few of my songs. I'm wokring on some dynamic typography videos (google it-you've probably seen it!) for a couple of my songs for those of you that like a visual aid while listening to music. It also gives my ears a bit of a critic break and exercises my eyes.

There are several other things, but these are the main ones on my mind lately.

Anyway, taking a break for a couple days and then back to the grindstone!

Take care,

Michael Dasso

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