I'm taking this all down for safe keep
to finally get this right
get it right
this time.

The question in the woodwork twists and knots
and all that's left is me
every time.

Everything we left…

Tattered Intentions

Tear apart this life 
Take everything 
Ill be alright. 
Burn these memories 
Kindle the flame 
With what you thought was right. 
Do what you feel is right 
Do what you feel is right 
Ohhhohh …


Broken down and on my knees 
I can’t help but wonder 
Is there anybody out there 
Who can save me? 
I’ve given up 
I can’t win this fight 
I can’t do this on my own 
But you can’t…


This is my resolution 
I broke it three times today 
Seeking my redemption 
Between the couch cushions 
So what do I say to you? 
That its all okay. 
That things were meant to be this way? 


What if we die here tonight? 
What if it ends before it starts? 
Keep digging deeper till you escape. 
What if we’ve gone to far this time. 
And we’re too lost in ourselves to tell? 
There’s no Superman waiting…

Walked Away

How can I rebuild 
When everyone has left? 
These walls are not my own. 
Didn’t see the warning signs- 
I ignored them, 
And now look where I am again. 
Don’t turn away 
I’m all alone in this …

Half Life

I never could let you go 
How can I try when your never gone 
The secrets hidden in my eyes 
Tell everything, the truth behind the lies 

I’m living this half life 
Caught in this half life. 


Hollow Scene

Sleep, my love 
Tomorrow’s just a day. 
Wait for the light 
Then say what you’ve come here to say. 
The hum between 
Just echoes in a hollow scene(Holocene) 
We left hallowed ground 
Even God fell to his knees. …

Sadistic Liar

I know 
I’m just wating my time 
On you and your sadistic lies. 
But you can’t play the victim this time 
Ooooooh ooooh oooh oh oh 
I fought 
Every lie in my heart 
Every reason to believe 


The war is won 
Look to the East 
The dark will pass 
The light will come 
Just like a hurricane 
Cracking the faults in our designs 
Skyscrapers rise and fall 
Some things we just can’t explain